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Kuali Financial System - IT Services

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) is a suite of online software modules that enables users to process several different types of business transactions online, from initiation through the approval cycle.

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is an accounting process used to change the accounts or object codes charged for procurement card transactions. It is designed for both Reallocator Reviewers and Approvers and is mandatory for anyone requesting either of those reallocation roles

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Open enrollment is just around the corner, so throughout September and October we’ll focus on USC’s benefits and perks – many of which aren’t even related to open enrollment. (For instance, did you know you can change your retirement at any

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“I feel young again! As a new hire I did not expect to fit in right away with being in a much younger environment. Since becoming an employee of USC, I have not met one person who wasn’t friendly or generous. Being surrounded with younger employees,